here are some things i know about myself

i need to be breaking down problems in order to breathe
i need to be exercising hard in order to breathe
i need to be sleeping with a cpap machine in order to breathe
i need to be writing everyday in order to breathe
i need to be seeing anna and hanging out with friends in order to breathe

i need organized space and food in order to sustain breathing

i am embarassed that i haven’t figured out what my life purpose is and what i am supposed to be doing. i’m supposed to be successful and maybe i am. but i haven’t lined it up.

I wonder when I will be a real person.


the manifesto

why you want to start putting out content – i am not sure. writing has always been there for me. it is the easiest way for me to communicate. that’s not to say i’m a bad communicator, people open up to me, people laugh, people tell me about the struggles they are having, about weird medical problems they have, or brother in laws that threaten to bomb their home and the stress that it puts on them, i think it is just easiest for me to get to know myself while writing. i write for myself and what i know. and i am writing because i want to have an impact in the world. well no, i am writing because it is a compulsion and i want to make this compulsion i have valuable to people. i have to write in order to breathe, i might as well generate good in the world with all this energy and output. i want to generate money and self awareness through writing. i want to generate good influence on people. i want to have exciting records of exciting places.

what you’re going to start doing – write articles about important questions that i have, questions about life and how to live life and what is a good life, questions about how to relate to people, questions about positivity and doing the ultimate thing which is being master of your time. basically a how to manual for life. i approach things with an engineering mindset. i take things apart and figure out how they work. i used to do it with clocks and toys when i was a kid, i did it with being popular in middle school and high school, it took me until graduate school to figure out college, and working life to now figure out and LEARN things that people intuitively grew up manifesting.

where are you going or what are you about or who are you about to become – i’m going to the best version of myself. you could call it my ego ideal, you could call it a way to move forward, you could call it happiness. or joy. i think the biggest winners in life are people that are happy. that are good people. i am writing to add clarity in the world because i just see so much fear out there.

i want to solve problems well – this blog is a way for me to develop my way of thinking.

where do you put out the content – written word (blog, linkedin, guest blog, instagram good strategy write 13 sentances), video (youtube, facebook video), audio (podcasts) – writing because writing is the thing that i do. and it is easiest for me. podcast. it took me weeks to put out a video, and i just have to practice that in order to move on. i could start, and i think this is what will happen, combining not that great videos with excellent writing and pretty good and occassionally damn good photos with excellent writing. i think that amalgamation, that combination, that i can sous vide into really compelling content for people. compelling is something that adds value, something that captures attention, something that makes people want to grow. my cousin told me, when i was in high school and he was older, now i understand why you are so into self improvement. it is like being a robot and you can upgrade your own components, like playing a video game and you can upgrade, upgrade, improve, upgrade different portions of your life. i have had some good times, i’ve had some shitty times, i’ve had some dark times, and glorious moments. this blog and of course all writing has been a way for people to experience in a most unique way the human experience. i guess i could write topics for college kids, posting filipino articles in the filipino college groups, and high school groups, and then post articles in the comments on blogs, i could put content out on instagram and do what i did, which was, click on users. i could put posts under pictures in facebook and then pay to have those shared. but first, the creation of content.

where is the stuff going to show up – distribution (look at the distributers, soundcloud, sketcher, how do i set up my podcast), how do people discover it (go into the DM, use facebook ads and target people trying to reach, grind and email hustle and do you want to distribute my content time or money, money is easy, time is hard, but if you have no money it is your only option) you need to find other places that have eyeballs or ears and get it out there.


i don’t know where i am going to distribute or how to find viewers. how to build an audience. i guess that depends on who my audience really is. probably the 20-30 year old, diverse male, especially ones that are insecure, which i know, from experience, means also people that have a ton of accomplishment and disposable income. people that are into thinking, really. people that are more reasoned. people whose friends accept their recommendation as truth. this isn’t the hustler in your friend group. this is that wise nerd. wisdom nerd. authentic manifesto. and really, it is people who aspire to that, people without manly father figures in their lives, people who are navigating a world that has constantly been difficult for them, people who are forming their opinions of the world. which doesn’t answer my question of, well, where am i going to distribute, where are people going to find out about my content? catholic groups, minority groups, successful students who are now struggling with school, people who are facing problems. people who are interested in and motivated to improve their lives, people who want to laugh, people who look to adventure as a method of self reflection. gear people, office people, weekend warriors. so i could guest blog on like the asana blog, trello blog, but really, commenting on people who comment on gary vaynerchuk videos, on fashion blogs. really i think it would be good to get feedback from real writers, which means establishing real relationships, in person even, with them. maybe offering an audience or an event with some alumni people, setting up stuff for them. interesting to note, though, that watch writer went straight sideways, he had great writing, that he built up by writing for various print and online magazines, those had the benefit of also providing autheority, but then his writing was so good, and he did such cool things too. valuable would be for him to find people that would also be interested, so i could feature content with people on instagram, for instance, join the local groups here as well.