2 things Aaron Teasdale taught me about adventuring

Two things Aaron Teasdale taught me about adventuring.

Reading adventure writer profiles is interesting and ispires me. I have tons to learn about creating consistent, engaging writing. Read the article by Aaron Teasedale linked below.


Aaron talks about living in a van and making an internship work even without any pay. He all’s about raising his first kid with only $11,000 a year. He talks about basically living outside all the time. He was walking the walk. I think that being an expert means getting really into a sport. Really understanding it and not just being a fly by night participant. I think what’s important is the curiosity and enthusiasm.

He talks about the importance and reality of an internship. I had never heard it out that way, but read the same in thing from Chase Jarvis, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tim Ferris. It’s shocking to me that mentors and mentorship may play and have played such a pivotal role in successful careers, but no one ever talks or teaches you how to do it. maybe you’re parents if you’re lucky. Major key.

He talks about how he seeks out the good stuff in the world. By extension, it must be about what he thinks is great for pitching stories as well. Here’s what he said:

“You have to seek out extraordinary places and new ways of exploring them. You have to find people doing groundbreaking things and profile them. You have to do deep research, find new angles, and tell stories that haven’t been told. This is your job.”

He talks about getting injured, losing use of his legs for a year, and then how it induced him to become a naturalist. Really understand flora and fauna.

It sounds to me like he had a long time , about fifteen year before he was considered an expert. And now, I’m realizing that being an expert is based on content. Writing outstanding interesting content, and doing it regularly. That seems like the key to the game.


This article was difficult to write, but I’m sticking to the publishing schedule. My first goal is complete focus is learning how to produce consistent content. improving the quality of the content. and marketing he content.


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